Discovering Real Business Opportunities in the Asian Music Markets

Welcome to the Asian Music Markets

Introduction to International Exporting: Chris Tams, BPI


Chris Tams, Director of Membership and International at BPI will be discussing the four major territories in Asia, China, Korea, India and Japan. Giving an overview of recorded music sales, streaming and the general market trends. Highlighting the excellent opportunities that exist for UK companies through exploring new international markets. This session is aimed at companies and individuals who are new to exporting.

Market Overview Sessions: 

Candid sessions with experts covering the challenges, pitfalls and opportunities that exist in live, digital, retail, copyright, publishing, streaming  in each market. 


Market Overview Session: China

Chris Tams, BPI

Dave Pichilingi, Modern Sky


Ryan Zhang, Sounds in the Xity, Modern Sky

Ed Peto, Outdustry



Market Overview Session: India.

Matt Parsons, Ditto Music

Diamond Duggal, Swami

Gautam Puri, ABC Digital

Nick Dunn, Horus Music

Si Chai, Diplomats of Sound


12:10 - 12:40 Lunch



Market Overview Session: Korea

Phil Patterson, Department for International Trade

Dalse Kong, Zandari Festa

Nina Condron, Horus Music

Howard Murphy, Ostereo



Market Overview Session: Japan

Phil Patterson, Department for International Trade

Steve Mayall, Music Ally

Greig Watts, DWB Music

Layli Odamura, Creative Man



Roundtable Sessions

The opportunity to engage in small group discussions with all the speakers from the day, the Roundtable Sessions are always a highlight of Sound City conferences.  The roundtables bring together our speakers and delegates to talk over a number of topics, make new contacts and ultimately do business together. Each session lasts 25 minutes and then guests are invited to change tables and engage in conversation with other industry delegates.